Kaveh Guilanpour on the Conclusion of COP28

Statement of Kaveh Guilanpour
Vice President of International Strategies, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

December 13, 2023

On the conclusion of COP28 in Dubai:

“Coming into COP28 I was looking for three things in relation to the global stocktake: a clear and unambiguous signal that the world will accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels; assurance that this will be reflected in the climate targets of countries to be tabled in 2025; and a commitment to enhance international cooperation to tackle climate change.

“The outcome of the first global stocktake under the Paris Agreement achieves all three to some extent. How countries, and all stakeholders, respond to it will ultimately determine whether COP28 was a success. It is up to them now. The moment of truth will be when new climate targets – ‘nationally determined contributions’ – are tabled in 2025.

“We must not forget that COP28 started with the unprecedented operationalization – and capitalization – of the loss and damage fund on the first day. The fruit of a decades long fight by the world’s most vulnerable countries.”

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