Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

We believe that climate solutions must be equitable to be effective and durable. We believe that climate justice means ensuring the benefits of the transition to a net-zero-emissions economy are shared and that marginalized and vulnerable populations—who suffer the brunt of a changing climate—have the resources and access to advocate effectively for their priorities.

We believe we will only be effective in developing and advocating for climate solutions if we have a diverse range of voices and perspectives represented within C2ES, in our work, and among our partners. We aspire to do more than we have achieved previously, and acknowledge we have much to learn from others. We will listen first and accept feedback.

We believe having varied perspectives and experiences generates better ideas to solve complex problems and helps elevate issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We will hold ourselves accountable to:

  • Increase the diversity of our staff, interns, and Board of Directors, particularly with respect to racial diversity, through intentional actions, including hiring and recruitment practices.
  • Make decisions equitably and ensure transparent internal and external communication.
  • Create an inclusive organization where everyone feels welcome, heard, and engaged.
  • Develop and track metrics to gauge organizational progress toward DEIJ goals.

We will strive to incorporate climate justice into our work by:

  • Leveraging our access to business leaders and policy makers to ensure they hear from a diverse group of voices, including those of historically marginalized communities.
  • Seeking out experts with diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspectives to inform our research and analysis.
  • Considering how policies we advocate may affect vulnerable communities, and actively seeking solutions to implement them equitably.
  • Using our convening power to elevate issues of climate justice and forge a consensus around just climate solutions.